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Among the trademarks and service marks owned by Personal Computer Builders Club, Inc., are PCBuilders, PC Builders Club, PC Builders Journal: The PCB Computer Network, PCBuilders.org, PCBNews.com, and the respective logos of all the sites. The Human Touch of Technology is an official tag line of the PC Builders Website and PC Builders Journal and may not be used as such for other purposes. Specific site logos are available for you to put on your site as a link. Any other use of PCBuilders' trademarks requires PC Builders Club's permission.

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Downloading Software
You can download third-party software that PC Builders Club indexes on its sites, but please remember that PC Builders Club does not create, endorse, or sponsor that software. If you download any third-party materials that PC Builders Club indexes or supports, you do so completely at your own risk. If you plan to download any software, please be sure to read the copyright and licensing information first.

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In quoting PC Builders Club's editorial content in promotional materials or on product packaging, PC Builders Club requires that you submit the quoted material and that you sign an agreement with PC Builders Club stating that you will use it in context, attribute the quote accurately, and identify PC Builders Club as the source. Please keep in mind, however, that PC Builders Club does not sponsor or endorse the products or services of others.

This page is provided for visibility pupose but still  remains the property of The Personal Computer Builders Club., Incorporated. (Since 1997)


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