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Building Your Business on The Net

There are a lot of products and services you can offer on the net and surely there are always people who are willing to buy on your idea.  However the number of clients your site will draw will basically depend on how attractive your offering is.

One good thing about going the Internet way is that you could set-up a business on it without having to spend a single cent.  How is that? You may ask.  There are a lot of free Internet services on the Net.  Such as:  Web Hosting, E-mail, e-Commerce, Tutorials on how to set-up and design Web sites and there are even free financial services, and Internet or web design tools.

Evaluation copies of software tools are available and most of it are working fine.  Example, you could utilize for your graphic designs Photoshop, Animagic or AnimationShop for animated GIFs that you could use for banner ads, Painthops Pro, WebGenie to create your own shopping cart, Applet factory and a vast of free softwares you can easily download from major download sites.

Now you know why they say "the best things in life are FREE".

Now, all of these things are secondary.  The most important things are that you make the first step to enter the Internet arena by signing with this promotion and us supporting you all the way.

The PC Builders Club affiliated with BigStep.com gladly invite you to join now.  Enter by clicking here to start your BigStep.com FREE webspace  and we will help you go on.

If you have an established business or maybe still planning to put up one.  Having an Internet presence is definitely would be an advantage.

There are several options you can make to do this:

1. You may use FREE web space with the name of your company attached to the host name.  For example; http://yourcompanyname.bigstep.com or http://www.bigstep.com/yourcompanyname

2. You may register your company name for US$70.00 and park it on a hosting company to point to a FREE web space provider so you'll have the exclusive http://www.yourcomanyname.com. Thousands of Domain Names are being registered daily so check your name with GreatDomains.com if it is still available.

3. Some FREE web space providers also allow parking of Domain Name.  But that would still cost you the Domain Name registration fee of US$70.00.

4. FREE web hosting, however, is not free of hosting company's ad banner that would be displayed everytime a viewer would access your site.  If this bother you a lot, then you could get a paid hosting plan then those pre-posted ad banners will be gone.

5. You could also host your own website by co-locating your host computer to an Internet Service Provider or,

6. You could take a more expensive route by hosting and maintaining your host computer yourself.

Options 1 to 3 is what we recommend for starters.  Ad banners are okey provided that they don't interfere much to your web design.  You just have to select from hosting companies that would be easy on ad banners.

I have already looked around and believe me, for so many reasons, you will prefer BigStep.com.  That is why we choose to be affiliated with them.

Check out the details of their services and start building you homepage now.  Click here to start your BigStep.com FREE webspace

Editors Note: Suggested Type of Business

This author is against multi-level marketing for so many systems that is known. If you would ask why? The immediate answer is that they suck out our economy but if you would rather prefer a more detailed answer or you beg to disagree please e-mail the webmaster@pcbuilders.org.  We don't want to offend those people who support or make a living out of it.  But for the sake of nationalism this webmaster will answer you through e-mail.

If you will ask for suggestion on what kind of business you would start, the answer will not take long --any business that would generate or infuse money to our economic system would be great.  The term "generate" would be much preferable and that will only happen if we increase our production and our export of goods.

So you can start thinking in this premise.  But, that is just to give you an idea. For restrictions on building your site on BigStep.com please read carefully their Terms and Conditions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate this program?

  • Participants must be at least online registered member of the PC Builders Club.

  • Must have an existing business or

  • Capable of administering a small business.

I am not a PC Builders Club member how can I join?

  • Joining the PC Builders Club are two(2) classifications, Online and Regular membership.  The simplest is Online you may quickly join by filling-up a very easy membership form here

I currently do not have a registered business but I'm excited to learn.  What should I do?

  • Don't worry, we will guide you along the way.  From time to time you can send e-mail to webmaster@pcbuilders.org and rest assured you'll receive a reply directly through e-mail and posted on a dedicated bulletin page here.

Okey, I am ready. What are the steps in joining?

  • If you are already an online member of the PC Builders Club, go to Bigstep by clicking this link BigStep.com and register your business, if any, or at least a conceptualized business on the net. (NOTE: you must not register to BigStep dot com other than by the link on our web inasmuch as we can not provide you assistance for your design.)

  • Again if your not yet member click this Club Membership link to join.

  • Create a simple but complete business page by answering the easy step-by-step web design management tool of BigStep dot com.

  • Go back to this page to complete the form below and submit your application.

My question has not been answered.  I want post my question.

  • Okey, please fill-up the form below for your additional questions.

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