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e-Mployee FAQ

What is a PC Builders e-Mployee?

  •  e-Mployee is a short call for virtual office personel.

  • The PC Builders has established and conceptualized the virtual office and are employing people who have special qualities to become e-Mployees.

  • We call it virtual office personel because they never have to go to a real office.  Only, they have to communicate through electronic means like Internet and other computer network remotely.

What are the qualities being looked for by PC Builders for a person to become e-Mployee?

  • Actually the same qualities that a regular office employee an e-Mployee must posses except that a virtual office personel must have the self-discipline to work unattended by superiors.

  • He or she could work virtualy without supervision and could produce the same output  if not more than a regular office employee.

What are the edvantages of becoming an e-Mployee?

  • There are a lot of advantages becoming a virtual employee.  For the side of the management, it is cheaper to maintain virtual office than a regular office.  Considering the rent, fixtures, electricity, phones and all necessary and miscellaneous expenses.

  • However, it is the e-Mployee who gains most of the benefits.  One is that you never have to wake-up more than an hour early  to prepare and commute for office.

  • An e-Mployee will never have to endure traffic just to go home coming from work.

  • An e-Mloyee could take care of his or her family, to where life must be spent with,  while doing the work.

  • An e-Mployee could minimize if not avoid  the hazards of commuting back and fort to office like: vehicular accidents,  suffucation due to polution, etc.

  • An e-Mployee does not have to worry about office attires.

  • Society wise, if more and more companies will follow what PC Builders are doing, there will be less traffic congestions. 

  • There will be not much need for infrastructure like widening of roads.

  • The problem of pollution will be minimized if not actually eradicated.

  • Therefore, the clean and green revolutionary dream will be realized.

What are the requirements to become an e-Mployee?

  • There are a lot of benefits of becoming an e-Mployee.  However, to become one you must be at least be proficient on using computer.   This will be your primary tool and vehicle to create and present your work to the office respectively.

  • To make it easier, one must have a computer at home.

  • Fill-up and submit  the application form provided.

  • You will receive an "approval" e-mail message.

  • Reply with your attached passport-size picture.

I am already employed, can I still make it as an e-Mployee at PC Builders without leaving my present job?

  • We actually don't care where you do your job.  Whether at home or at work but we are afraid that you may not be able to cope up with your job as a regular e-Mployee.

  • Besides, it is unethical and much unfair on the part of your present employer to work for another using your paid hours.

  • We design this program primarily for people who want to enjoy life at work and at home at the same time.

  • However, there are certain positions at PC Builders that don't require full time so you could do your work after the regular office hours.

Yes, I like to be part of your team.  So, what are the needed positions?

  • The PC Builders are in need of, primarily, IT writers (full or part time)

  • Graphic artists

  • Layout artists

  • Cartoonists

  • Editor (part time)

  • Sales executives for ads

  • Accountant (retainer)

  • Lawyer (retainer)

My question was not answered.  I want to post it.

  • Okey you may fill-in bellow and we will reply as quickly as possible.

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