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Welcome All PC Builders!  This is Our Place on the Net ... Hope you'll have a pleasant stay.


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you. The PC Builders Club is an organization composed of Information Technology professionals, computer enthusiasts, beginners, students and hobbyists who aim to educate the public on how Personal Computers in particular and IT in general can enhance the everyday lives of our people.    (continued on...)


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The Webmasters Team has provided all PC Builders a section in this Site that would ease the tedious and menial task of scouting and looking for the lowest price in the market.  We have tabulated all available computer parts, their brands, where to buy and most of all you can compare prices with just a matter of clicking through links.  Welcome to our section called PART FINDER.



Who, when, where and what rocks the Information Technology society today?

 Find out the latest products be it personal computers, laptops, handheld devices, or even networking peripherals.  See their product presentation right here at PC Builders News dot Com. 

How to make your Computer Shop a PC Builders Club affiliate?

If you are a computer shop owner and your business is duly registered to sell computer parts, accessories and packages your shop is qualified to be a PC Builders Club affiliate. Just read our FAQ and the Terms and Conditions.  If it is acceptable to you then you could fill-up our registration form here and you'll get a reply from us almost immediately.



Gator fills out forms and remembers passwords!

What is Gator?
Gator is a free online tool that helps eliminate frustrating web chores like filling out forms and remembering passwords. Gator stores all your personal data in an encrypted file on your hard drive. When you hit a web page that has a form or requires a login ID, account number or password, Gator surfaces and provides the exact information needed with no typing! Gator is your smart online companion. It is a small file -- under 3 minutes to download on 56K modem.



Computer Gaming World
Computer Gaming World

Magazine Description

Computer Gaming World is America's number one magazine for serious computer game players. Every issue is packed with in-depth reviews, winning secrets, sneak previews of the newest games, the latest updates on new technologies, and more to let readers get the most out of every minute they spend playing computer games.

Computer Shopper
Computer Shopper

Magazine Description

Computer Shopper is one of the nation's largest and most reliable guides to the best, dollar-wise computer deals. Every issue features more than 1,000 mail-order deals for hardware, software, printers, peripherals, and accessories plus a quick-reference product index, a hardware shopper's guide with comparison charts and purchasing tips, programming techniques, and more.

We'll Pay You PhP200.00

Yes! for every qualified referral you make you'll get P3.00 and if that person attended the PC Builders Club hosted seminar, you'll get another PhP200.00 commission. Easy money is it not? Yup, because we are the ones who'll do the dirty works.  Refer as many persons as you like sit back and relax.  Count your blessings.

So hurry help your self and help a friend, relative or even your neighbor learn Information Technology today. See how IT enhance everyone's daily life.

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